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Angry Rant  
7 Sep, 2012
saitou hajime
Okay I need to let off some steam.
I hate it when people tell me what to do.
I don't needing your farking input, I never asked you so don't butt into my business.
AND YES, I take my tutor lessons seriously, education comes before getting a summer job alright?
Who the fark do you think you are?
I was talking to the person next to me not you! 
In my mind, I have tossed my pencilcase in your face. I do this to prevent myself from saying something uneccessary.
FOR FARK'S SAKES, why am I getting worked up over this?!

I need to scream into a pillow. I need to shout. I need to punch someone in the face.
Someone needs to say a big 'FUCK YOU' to your face. And I hope that it is not me. 

I feel kind of better now, but I'm still pissed.
*sigh* Rant, おしまい。
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