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ヤマハキのブログ ∞
reaching to the infinity ~
Life goes on. 
14 Nov, 2012
saitou hajime
A lot of things have happened between the time of my last post until now.

1. I have graduated from High School.
2. I got a job. FINALLY. 
3. I never have to go tutor and Vietnamese lessons.
3. End of year exams have started.
4. I have three exams left until FREEDOM~
5. My birthday is in less than a month.
6. Having a birthday party with friends at my house for the first time. 
7. I plan to become a hermit and play games all day. (except during the times where I have to go to work)
8. I should be studying for English Language right now.

That quickly summarises what has happened during my hectic life. 
I still can't believe that I'm no longer a high school student, I don't want to grow up but I can't wait to experience Uni life.
The next chapter of my life.
I think I'm still in denial since I refused to cry on the last day of school lessons and at my Graduation ceremony.
I'm still waiting for those tears to come.

*sigh* Yamahaki out.
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