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ヤマハキのブログ ∞
reaching to the infinity ~
Gee, that was quick.  
10 Apr, 2014
Well well, I'm back here again. *laughs*
Right now I'm writing this post from Uni in my favourite study area. I personally hate studying in libraries, it's either too noisy or eerily quiet. I like to have a bit of background noise. I think it was around the same time last year I went on a mini quest to find an ideal study/chillin' spot. A lo and behold I have finally discovered it! できた!
Don't mind me using a bit of Japanese every now and then, I'm trying to practice my writing skills.

I should stop rambling about my Uni life and start on what I was suppose to be writing in the first place.
I wanted to write about a Japanese rock band that I've been digging as of lately, they are.... Hello Sleepwalkers! Noragami is the reason why I discovered Hello Sleepwalkers in the first place.
Hello Sleepwalkers are under the same record label as ONE OK ROCK, flumpool and WEAVER. Those bands I mentioned before, they make great music which makes me a happy camper. Hello Sleepwalker's song in Noragami, 午夜の待ち合わせ on the first listen was so bloody good I had to know more about this band.
HS is the kind of band which has a male and female singing, I NEED MORE BANDS LIKE THIS!! Base Ball Bear is another band I can think of at the top of my head. Anyway back to HS, I ended up listening to whole discography and they did not disappoint me one bit. Their most recent album 'Masked Monkey Awakening' was freaking awesome. I'm having trouble picking a favourite track!!

I feel this post was a bit rushed but I got to stop writing now, it's nearly time for my Historical Linguistics lecture. *sigh*
Better stop for now, laters!

Yamahaki out. 
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