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ヤマハキのブログ ∞
reaching to the infinity ~
Spring Anime 2014 
13 Apr, 2014
Trying to keep track of the anime series that I'm following for Spring 2014 is proving to be quite difficult with Uni, work and whatnot ... but anime helps me relax and wind down. Sundays for me is Anime-watching day ~
Right now I'm currently watching:

Spring Anime 2014
- MEKAKUCITY ACTORS!!!! (I haven't been this excited for an anime series since Free!, I like to think of myself as a fan of Kagerou Project, I really like the songs ^^)
- Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Impressed with the first 2 episodes shown so far and because...Nakamura Yuuichi!!)
- Black Bullet (the synopsis was interesting enough for me to check out, gives off an Attack on Titan meets Noragami-esque feel)
- Gokukoku no Brynhildr (I'll watch the first 3 episodes before I decide to continue or drop it)
- Hitsugi no Chaika (dem eyebrows *laughs*, same thing as I said about GnB)
- Kamigami no Asobi (I never learn do I? Anime adaptations of otome games are nearly always a miss but I still watch them XP I'm a huge sucker for Reverse Harem because of dem bishies and seiyuus. Some of my favourite seiyuus are voicing these good looking Gods *laughs*)
- La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky (I've seen La Corda d'Oro Primo/Secondo Passo so yeah.. I'm watching this too. Another Reverse Harem *siiigh* I'M A HUGE SUCKER FOR THEM ALRIGHT?! Not a huge fan of the animation quality...)
- One Week Friends (I unexpectedly enjoyed the first episode, definitely will keep watching)
- Atelier Escha & Logy ... (based on its PS3 game, the mention of alchemy already piqued my curiosity. The main protagonist's voice annoys me though....)
- Sidonia no Kishi (I'm into the whole Post apocalyptic world setting, the animation is quite... unique? Reminds me of the animation style done in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Also it kind of reminds me of Attack on Titan)

Winter Anime 2014 Leftovers:
- Nobunaga the Fool (Miyano Mamoru. Sakurai Takahiro. Mecha. Historical-looking Japan. SOLD. The storyline is finally picking up the pace, I need more action!!)
- Tonari no Seki-kun (Each episode either puts a smile on my face or has me laughing, is it weird that I immediately figured out who voices Seki-kun despite that he doesn't talk at all? I just really like Hirotan's voice >///<)

I recently finished watching Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, HILARIOUS ANIME! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!
On top of that DKnN has a good cast of seiyuus like SuzuKen, NamiDai, Sugitan and more ^^
i always find myself laughing every time i watch the ending song:

That's enough about anime for today ~
I might talk about seiyuus or Drama CDs in the near future.

Until then,
Yamahaki out. 
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