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ヤマハキのブログ ∞
reaching to the infinity ~
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4 May, 2011 - BORED.
 Edublogs are so lame, Livejournal is wayyy better.
Lifeskills is useless, why do we even have Lifeskills for?! 
And I can't be bothered with Chemistry right now, just had a double period of Chemistry. {HEHEHE I first thing came to my mind was Chemistry the band XDDD]
Not in the mood and I'm HUNGRYYYYYYY!
I'm offs now, waiting for the bell to ring. 

1 May, 2011 - music ~
saitou hajime
 Lately I've been hooked on Namie Amuro's compilation album 'Checkmate'.
Most of songs are so damn catchy. ;)

UNUSUAL feat Yamapi, #1 feat, Kawabata Kaname and BLACK DIAMOND (Double x Namie Amuro), Wonder Woman feat. AI and Anna Tsuchiya, Make It Happen feat After School and ROCK U are my favourite tracks. ^________^

Still waiting to listen to a near-perfect album like Ai Subeki Mirai e by EXILE., IMO. SHOCKER right? People who do know me are wondering why it isn't an UVERworld album, desho? XD I can't seem to explain it myself tbh... 

Now I'm gonna go drown my ears with more Jpop/Jrock. Escape reality for awhile.
saitou hajime
What was your favorite game as a child, and why? With whom did you play it?

POKEMON FTW!  Actually more like observing my brother play 8D
30 Apr, 2011 - ....surprise!!!!
saitou hajime
 I feel so great, after what my friends and I did ~

A group of friends and I threw a surprise birthday party for two of our dear friends. ^__________^
But I swear they are the slowest people ever! HAHA, they were so clueless and we even accidentally nearly slipped up and blew our cover. XDDD When I covered my friends eyes so that we can surprise them, THEY STILL DIDN'T GET IT. She thought I was gonna 'rape' her. MANNN, how could you think that? LMAO. You guys are funny. HEEHEE

Happy Birthday Jessica and Jessica <3 <3  [LOOOOL, yes both of their names are Jessica]

Ahhh, I feel so energised and happy (: 

28 Apr, 2011 - Writer's Block: Get up
saitou hajime
If you had to eat the same breakfast everyday for a year (and it would be prepared and served to you), what would you choose?

Yum Cha ~
saitou hajime
What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

Car = yama-kuruma

27 Apr, 2011 - Let's see...
saitou hajime

See, see? I updated my blog again! YAY! Even though it took me 2 months DX
Well that's the life of a student. *SIIIIIGH* 
Anyway, today is the last day of Easter Holidays and tomorrow I head back to school.
new school term = SACS, TEST, MID-YEAR EXAMS D: , School Formal. Is it just me, or do I just find that school formals are so overrated? Everyone is making such a big deal, saying that this is part of high school. 
SCREW THAT! I'm not going to miss out much in life, so PFFTTT.
I have a bad feeling that friends will nag and I'll give into them.

NUUUUUUUUU, this drains such motivation to go back.
But still, lots of new things to look forward to :D :D
I still worry that I will lose my cool again and actually do something I regret >< So I'll have to work on that. 
 I'm hungry so I'll be off now ~
LATERS! Yamahaki out.
saitou hajime

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I keep saying to myself I will update this blog more and more and more
but knowing myself I slacked off and procrastinated. *SIIIIIGH* So I apologise once again.

I've been overseas recently to Hong Kong and Vietnam for a month.
AND BOY, that was one of the best months I had in such a long time now.
So currently I am starting a new school year, oh yay! More stress than ever now
>_________________>" And now I am afraid that I will never update this blog since
I will be bombarded with school work and dealing with life in general.  TAT.

Then couple of days ago it was the start of the new LUNAR YEAR. BANZAI! Red envelopes

This new year seems to be promising, looking forward to future updates with UVERworld and flumpool!
And more new J-rock band discoveries!!

Well then, that is all I have to say for the time being. But I WILL update again, even if it takes weeks or months. :D

yamahaki OUT. (:

18 Oct, 2010 - stuff to do
saitou hajime
Finally updated my blog. ORZ.

Reminders for myself:
- Scan Arena37 and Arena37 Special. [UVERworld sections]
- Scan Kimi ni Todoke Book
- Scan Kimi ni Todoke Single FLUMPOOOOL <3 <3
- Upload pictures from Japan
- Write up my stories whilst in Japan
- Book report
- Study for exams.
13 Sep, 2010 - countdown
saitou hajime
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